Montrose Horse Riding Academy

Have you always wanted to give yourself a try at learning the art of handling a horse? Would you like to give it a try during your relaxed holiday? At Montrose we make it available for you to learn the oldest art in the book. We offer a truly unique experience, combining well-schooled horses, an expert instructor and miles of idyllic horse riding. Whether you are a new rider or an aspiring rider, there is something for everyone including group or private lessons to suit all levels. In addition to our wonderful horses, our stunning stables, located in the vibrant heart of Montrose Golf Resort & Spa, the perfect venue to start your riding lessons in a safe environment, is our “School for Horses”. Build your confidence and improve your riding with our friendly and experienced instructor. During your stay with us, don’t forget to drop in and pet our horse or even give yourself the opportunity to learn another skill.
Our Lessons Include:

  • Learning the Basics of Horse Riding
  • Learning how to Mount the Horse
  • Learning the right balance and posture
  • Trotting

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